Who I am

My name is Shaun Guerard. I am Heidi's husband, father of three amazing children, and an entrepreneur. I'm passionate about scaling businesses for profitability and getting you out of the daily grind of frustration and lack of growth. I am an advocate for your business that will always be honest and work in your best interest. 

Why use me? 

As co-owner and General Manager of Heidi Hope Inc., I have operated one of the most profitable retail photography studios in the country for over 10 years. We have generated millions of dollars in revenue and have grown no less than 20% year after year since 2008. I offer customizable plans for any creative business looking to differentiate themselves from their competition and improve their profits. To hire a General Manager for your business would cost you a highly competitive salary, benefits, paid time off, and additional payroll taxes. Let me be your GM for ten's of thousand of dollars less so you can focus on being the creative genius you are! Please email me at info@heidihope.com to set up a complimentary call to determine if we're the right fit for each other. If so, I will send you a no risk customized proposal based on your needs. 

What I do

I will develop an executable strategic plan for your business. I will help you re-engineer your business model to take advantage of the ever changing consumer market place. I offer P&L management, cash flow/debt management, financial planning, internal budgeting, and market positioning advising. I want to get you out of the weeds to evolve your business so you stay competitive. I will help you embrace change without fear and focus on relationship building. I know how to win the best clients as well as winning the war on talent to hire the best people. I will improve your workflow and help build a strong culture within your business. I am ROI focused and will work to develop the business you deserve. If you are in need of any of the above services I offer, let's talk. Please email me directly at info@heidihope.com. 

List of Services

  • Business Model Strategizing
  • Vendor Relationship Building
  • QuickBooks Services
  • P&L Management
  • Cash Flow/Debt Management
  • Internal Budgeting
  • Sales Coaching
  • Analysis of service and product pricing
  • Financial Planning for the long term
  • Relationship Building/Networking
  • Hiring the best People for your culture
  • How to generate the best client feedback
  • Increase sales/Improve profits